2018 Harvest Season was a success!

Pick Your Own will start again in May!  All dates are approximate.  Please call to make sure we are open.  610-269-3494

The dates listed here are a mix of when crops are available in our Farm Market and when they might be available to pick. We offer all our crops already picked for you in our Farm Market. Quantity discounts are often available.


Rhubarb will open Friday May 17th to mid June

Strawberries - Friday May 27th


• Strawberries thru late June

• Sweet Cherries Mid June

• Sour (Pie) Cherries.  Should be good picking, bring a step ladder.

• Black Raspberries Late June to early July

• Red Raspberries Late June to through July


     • Blueberries- Most of July

     • Lodi Apples- great for apple sauce- mid July don’t need a ladder, grown on dwarf trellis trees

     • Peaches - Start Mid July through August . *Look for freestone in August

     • Sweet Corn - late July - early August

     • Blackberries Late July, much of August

     • Plums mid July

August is Peach Month

     •     Nectarines

     •     White and Yellow Peaches - most of August- Great!

     •     Summer apples (Rambo, Ginger Gold, Honey Crisp)

    Pears - late August


Apples! Jonathan, Smokehouse, McIntosh, Gala, Honey Crisp, Jonagold, Golden Delicous, Courtland, Sun Fuji, Empire, Macoun, Mutsu, Stayman and Red Delicious



Apples!  Rome, Granny Smith, Fuji, Pink Lady, Gold Rush, Winesap and Ida Red



Gold Rush, Pink Lady, Granny Smith are still in good supply and a few Fuji apples are nearing the end of their season.

September & October  Apples and Pumpkins

Prepay for your apple bags and get your tokens to ride on our open air shuttle to the best picking. Click here for Apple prices.

Apple Picking closed for the season!

Pumpkin Picking is closed for the season. For Pumpkins there is a pre paid non refundable $6.00 field access charge for every 2 adults. (It can be applied to purchase of a pumpkin- think of it as pre paying for your first medium size pumpkin)

Apples we grow:

Each variety is usually available on the tree to pick for about two weeks. Due to the particularly hot, humid and rainy summer and start to fall, the 2019 start dates are hard to predict ahead of time.  Please check our weekly blog for available apples to pick.